01. Computer Application Assistant (Leval 2)


Basic Qualifications: - No age limit. Only Basic literacy is expected.
Course Period: -

03 Months

Course fee: -   


විෂය අන්තර්ගතය: - 

Maintain files & folders

A1. Start up and turn off the computer
A2. customize computer and desktop settings
A3. Create folders and files
A4. Perform Folder/File operations
A5. Set attributes of files folders
A6. Compress and extract folder/ files
A7. Backup and restore folders/ files

Perform word processing

B1. Create different types of documents using templates
B2. Create tables
B3. Add objects and special formatting
B4. Format paragraph/document
B5. Create links
B6. Create mail merge
B7. Create templates/cover page
B8. Find & replace text
B9. Draw graphics/auto text
B10.Create Table of Content(Index)
B11.Print a word document/envelops/labels

Perform internet and electronic mail operations

F1. Perform Browser operations
F2. Use Search engines
F3. Download and upload file
F4. Perform e mail operations
F5. Print e mails/web pages