02. Computer Application Assistant (Leval 3)


Basic Qualifications: - Passed the G.C.E. (O/L)
Course Period: -

06 Months (03 Months if A2 Course is followed)

Course fee: -   


විෂය අන්තර්ගතය: - 

Maintain files & folders

A1. Start up and turn off the computer
A2. customize computer and desktop settings
A3. Create folders and files
A4. Perform Folder/File operations
A5. Set attributes of files folders
A6. Compress and extract folder/ files
A7. Backup and restore folders/ files

Perform word processing

B1. Create different types of documents using templates
B2. Create tables
B3. Add objects and special formatting
B4. Format paragraph/document
B5. Create links
B6. Create mail merge
B7. Create templates/cover page
B8. Find & replace text
B9. Draw graphics/auto text
B10.Create Table of Content(Index)
B11.Print a word document/envelops/labels

Prepare spread sheet

C1. Format work sheet
C2. Apply built – in functions and formulas
C3. Fill ,Sort and Filter data
C4. Prepare graphs and charts
C5. Use data tools
C6. Create a pivot table
C7. Develop and customize Worksheet
C8. Set Page properties and Print a spread sheet

Prepare presentations

D1.Creating a presentation
D2. Apply design templates to an existing presentation
D3. Insert different media
D4. Slide transition and animation
D5. Insert action buttons and hyperlinks
D6. Conduct the presentation
D7. Print slides

Maintain databases

E1. Create tables
E2. Create table relationship
E3. Modify tables
E4. Create forms
E5. Create queries
E6. generate reports
E7. Modify records
E8. Backup and restore data
E9. Link data base with external document

Perform internet and electronic mail operations

F1. Perform Browser operations
F2. Use Search engines
F3. Download and upload file
F4. Perform e mail operations
F5. Print e mails/web pages